Impro duo with electroacoustic composer and performer Natasha Barrett. Concerts in Norway. CD in 2008 on Cycling’74 (San Francisco).


Member of the ensemble (2004-2011) led by Christian Wallumrød.


Kyberia; 1990-2001; duo with violinist Victoria Johnson. Concerts in London, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Azerbaijan and Norway.

NAVIGATIONS 2000. Kyberia are navigators in the new millenium and their compass is not directed through magnetism rather creative links and a heterogenic playing field. They are musicians and designers and architects in one artistic cross-over. They want to navigate the uncharted genre of new music in a contemporary Norwegian landscape. Kyberia is a music-media concept performed, directed and produced by Tanja Orning (cello) and Victoria Johnson (violin). Art work and video by multimedia artist Randy Naylor. They have commissioned short pieces from 20 young Norwegian composers representing cross-genres between improvisation, rock, jazz and classical contemporary music. To complete their “virtual stage” they have commissioned the most exiting clothes designers in Norway. Kyberia invites you to navigate with them through their concerts and their recordings. “Navigation”; 2000, with 20 Norwegian commissioned works, multimedia artwork and 3 clothes designers. A number of performances, National Concert evening tour and school concert tour in Troms and Akershus. CD, Navigations released on Simax (2000).

MISDEMEANORS  2001, music by Mark Adderley, Natasha Barrett, Olav Anton Thommesen, Evan Gardner and Kyberia. Video by Kyberia. Performances at Illios Festival 2001 and Blå 2001.

NORDIC MELTDOWN 2003, with composer Øyvind Torvund (works for electric string instruments, electric guitar and 3 cassette players), architect Kim Baumann Larsen (animated multimedia). Ricardo Valenzuela specially designed costumes based on recycled Fretex textiles. Performances Oslo, Vesterås, Helsinki and Trondheim

Nordic Meltdown med Kyberia – Ballade.no


Victoria Johnson: violin
Sigyn Fossnes: violin
Peter Sebastian Szilvay: viola
Tanja Orning: cello

CD: Ametri release (Aurora 2001) includes works of six Norwegian composers written for Ametri. Nominated to Norwegian Grammy 2001. The name Ametri is the antipode to Symmetry. Ametri String Quartet made its debut at Truls Mørk’s Stavanger International Chamber Music Festival in 1997, in a program including works by the festival composer Kaipainen. From the get go it was evident that Ametri represents quartet playing of extreme power and technical finesse. Working in close partnership with designers, painters and architects, they always choose their concert venues so that it allows the audience better to perceive contemporary aesthetics in context. They have also performed together with techno groups in different settings. Another key element has been the collaboration with multi media artist Randy Naylor. A number of concerts in Stavanger; Tou scene, Kunstforeningen, during the Chamber Music Festival, and in Oslo; Høvikodden, Astrup Fearnley Museum, Blå. Music Factory Bergen (2001).

Konsert med Ametri – Ballade.no
Ametri Strykekvartett – Dagbladet


Duo with dancer Ellen Johannesen.

Composed music for the performance “Karmalounge” September 2003. Performances during the CODA festival 2003 and 2005. “Karmalounge” in the Culture House Hausmania in the autumn of 2004 and at Black Box spring 2005. “Dance concert” at the Museum of Contemporary Art May 30, 2004. 

Composed and performed music for the show “Spiseplikt” touring for the National Concerts in autumn 2006.

“The depth, as well as the humor, is nuanced with the formidable musicality of Tanja Orning. With her recorded and live contributions on the cello, she delivers the best stage music I have heard since the dance shows of Wim Vandekeybus in the early 1990s. Bravo!”

-Marit Strømmen (Danstidningen, 2005) Read the whole review here.


Cellist / composer in interdisciplinary artist group led by Zoe Christiansen with performances “Mappings,” Oslo Kunsthall June 2002; “Mapping of loss”, Bjørvika November 2002; “Camping on the edge” and at Black Box April 2003, “Nightwood.”

“SONAR” for electric string quartet, synthesizer, women’s choir and electronics in Bodø during the Mørke Nu Festival, November 2004, Stamsund Festival June 2004.


Band led by musician and film director Pål Jackman. 

Wunderkammer er Tilbake

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