FREEDOM, RIGOR AND LOVE is a concert series hosted by Ny Musikk, curated by Tanja Orning. Freedom, rigor and love are three key topics in our work as contemporary music performers. The idea behind this series of events is to meet passionate and dedicated musicians who play some of their favorite music. We will play for you and try to convey what it is about the music itself that makes us love it. We will talk about the motivation and impetus behind engaging with this music, our relationship with composers, scores, various degrees of freedom and interpretation space.

In the classical and contemporary music discourse there is a hierarchy where the work and the composer seem to hover on top, while the performer and the performance have been seen by many as a supplement or representation of the written score. Despite interdisciplinary, co-creative and experimental work, the status of the work concept is still remarkably strong. It is not seldom that we read reviews of concerts and CDs where performers are not mentioned, but the work and the composer’s intentions are discussed in depth. The reasons for this are complex, and might also have to do with musicology historically being more orientated towards literary studies than towards theatre and performance studies. Thus, the status of the written score is high, as artefact and subject to analysis, whereas the ephemeral performance has not been the subject of discussion and analysis in the same way. In performance practice this is of course another matter, we are at the point where the rubber meets the road, where the ideas meet reality, instruments and sounds.

#1 Tanja Orning inviterer – Frihet, strenghet og kjærlighet. 29.03.2015

A unique musical and verbal encounter between three of the most interesting contemporary performers today. Cellist and composer Tanja Orning invites you to a “concert conversation” with singer and actress Tora Augestad and violinist Karin Hellqvist.

Music by:
Malin Bång – …när korpen vitnar
Klaus K. Hübler – Opus breve
Simon Steen-Andersen – Study #1 for string instrument
Morton Feldman – Projection I
Morton Feldman – Durations II
John Cage – The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs
Timo Kreuser – Sirens

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#2 Tanja Orning inviterer – Frihet, strenghet og kjærlighet. 05.12.2015

Cellist and composer Tanja Orning invites to a “concert conversation” with guests percussionist Håkon Stene  and singer Sofia Jernberg. 

Music by:
Arnold Schønberg
Sofia Jernberg
Chris Newman
Rob Waring
Øyvind Torvund
Bernt Alois Zimmermann
Laurence Crane
Koka Nikoladze

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#3 Tanja Orning inviterer – Frihet, strenghet og kjærlighet. 12.02.2016

Cellist and composer Tanja Orning invites you to a “concert conversation” with clarinetist and composer Kristine Tjøgersen and double bass player and composer Håkon Thelin.

Music by:
Christopher Fox
Håkon Thelin (WP of «Microtonal Tuning Pieces Nr. 1: Bukkehornspolsen»)
James Saunders
Iannis Xenakis
Matthias Spahlinger
Lene Grenager
Giacinto Scelsi

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#4 Tanja Orning inviterer – Frihet, strenghet og kjærlighet. 09.12.2017

In the fourth edition, Tanja invites violinist Aisha Orazbayeva and guitarist Anders Førisdal to nyMusikk for a concert and conversation about their relationship to scores, performances and interpretation. These three performers will deepen their thoughts on and present excerpts from some of their favorite pieces, as well as playing different duos and trios.

Music by:
Aldo Clementi
Salvatore Sciarrino
Maja S.K. Ratkje
Christian Blom
Georg Friedrich Händel
Clemens Gadenstätter.

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